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Speaker announcement for WELLNESS18

It is a delight to announce that Dr Davina Deniszczyc, Medical Director at Nuffield Health will join WELLNESS18 to discuss the importance of physical activity in the workplace. Davina will share findings from a recent case study with Sport England that helps employers identify the best ways to increase physical activity and reduce inactivity in the workplace as well identifying what barriers and facilitators employees and employers face in the modern workplace.

Davina is responsible for developing activities focused on improving health and wellbeing right across the spectrum from prevention through to cure, providing significant and measurable health and wellbeing benefits.

WELLNESS18 takes place at UBS, 5 Broadgate on 6th June and encompasses all aspects of Wellness at Work including Mind, Body and Spirit. With leading thinkers, industry strategists and academic visionaries, we address some of the most interesting and challenging subjects in the field.

Themes include:

  • Confronting Mental Health issues in the workplace

  • Enriching employees through mindfulness

  • Defining Best Practice with case studies from leading organisations

  • Adapting to Change, Managing Diversity and Integration: facing key challenges within the workplace

  • People & Design: healthier places for work

  • Body & Health: how body and mind should work together

WELLNESS18 is kindly sponsored by Nuffield Health

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