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Another study into tuneable lighting in educational premises by Russian outfit Lighting Technologies has shown positive results when compared to directly with traditional fluorescent lighting. Lux Magazine reports that two identical classrooms at Kazan State Power Engineering University were selected for the experiment; one utilised existing fluorescent lighting of neutral colour temperature without controls, the other had a new tuneable LED system installed including controller and panel with pre-set scenes. One hundred students, both male and female and aged between 17 and 23 took part in the test which measured responses at 2800K, 4000K and 5800K colour temperatures.

Although the experiment was over a relatively short period of time (one month), clear advantages of using colour tuneable lighting were noted; a 20% increase in the speed of task being carried out was observed as well a reduction in errors when lighting was tuned to 5800K when compared to the fluorescent installation.

On top of measurable evidence, students were also questioned about their overall mood and energy levels at the different colour temperatures, students reported feeling relaxed and drowsy at 2800K and alert and energetic at 5800K. Read more here

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